Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 13, 2010

what up! this is Chewy with your Reporte del Norte! The waves are alright running waist to chest with offshore winds. The waves have a little grand funk railroad in them. 

I am starting you off with an inside wave that peaked up. This guy was stoked to get one of the better sectioning waves.Go faster!

This guy had a little skateboard. Here he is bouncing off the coping.

The waves were a little boring. I got distracted! This girl was not giving me the time of day. Geez, life is tough for an intern!

This bull was for sure mad. I got really close to take this photo and he huffed at me. They made me back up, and he started walking forward. haha that was way to close.

There were a bunch of empty waves coming through out there. People were sitting in the wrong spot, it made me cringe. We want to give a big welcome back to Cheeeeeeeeeese and Safari! We miss you up here and you better make it up soon! Tell Safari I brought the guitar! The swell is filling in so I have to go surf. Chewy out!