Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The waves are still really fun - chest to head-high with fast stretchy barrels out here today.  The wind is doing it's swirly - offshore in the morning/onshore in the afternoon thing this time of year.  There are definitely still some fun ones to be had out there though!  This first shot of the day is coming from the third floor of the Rio Dulce Condos at Playa Colorado.  The building is looking fantastic and is schedule to be 100% completed later this summer.  It just so happens that we have this 3 bedroom unit available for sale right now.  The view says it all - just look out the window to see how the surf is at the best beach break in Nicaragua.  OK, yeah, we know - we are trying to sell some real estate here - but it's a killer deal on a great place, plus, the NSR rental program could make this one of the highest occupancy rentals at Playa Colorado.  Shoot us an email if you are interested.

Welcome to Tuesday surf report. This is "Come Pan", "Lucha Libre", and "Taco de Pescado" with coverage from all over Nicaragua. We have a real big report today from three different beaches. First we went to Playa Maderas with a bunch of our  local friends. It was running about shoulder to head high, the wind stayed offshore here for our whole session, and the water was warm.

This is Matt bottom turning on a pretty fun looking left. This guy was getting a lot of good waves and connecting them all to the inside. It was a little crowded in the water today, but everyone got their fair share of waves.

Really?! Wow, this is Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro doing one of the biggest airs I have ever seen in person. La Baloy, can you go any higher?

Here we have Sr. Rex "La Bestia" Calderon pre slash. We have been wondering how this guy surfs so good, then we realized it is because he is so focused. Check out the intense tongue out expression.

Agusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro caught mid air here. "La Gaviota and his brother, "La Baloy" are forerever flying across the beaches here in Nicaragua.

The last Maderas shot we have Roque "El Simpson" Calderon getting a great looking backside barrel. This is the type of shot we have been trying to get with the new housing. Here in a few weeks these types of pictures are going to be even better because the backround is going to be really green and lush.

These guys, John, Jeff, Ernesto, and Serge, were so stoked with the pics from yesterday they booked "Come Pan" again to take pictures of them all day. First they went to a fun wave down south and got it real good. Here is their group shot after a full day a great surf.

Yeah, like we said, this wave was really working! This is one the many empty, reeling lefts. We had so many good shots today it was hard to decide which ones to post.

This is Stephen from Virginia who is visiting Nicaragua to score some good waves. Here he is doing just that by throwing up a real big fan of spray.

This is our buddy Oscar "El Friky" Dangla throwing some buckets out the back of this left. They were all so stoked to surf this place with just a few people in the water.

Now for the final spot they went to there was more barrels than the knew what to do with. This spot up north was really showing its true colors today. Check out how open all these waves were!

This is our friend Erick from Florida scoring a incredable barrel on this right. He was so excited about this shot, because its going to make all his friends back home real jealous. This  is how we do it here in Nicaragua.

This is Pablo from Brazil visiting Nicaragua for the first time. Pablo and his friends are here for a total of 15 days. You know they are gonna go back to Brazil with some great stories about the surf here. Pablo shown here is getting one of the longer barrels of the day. Pablo and his friends want to say hello to all their friends and family back in Brazil.

This is Waylon "Rolimpin" setting up for a pretty big, crisp left. Today really turned out to be be one of days you hope for here in Nicaragua.

Here is Jeff getting pretty pitted on a sick left. You know him and his friends are stoked they hired me to get pictures of this session.

Here goes Serge setting up for a left that you know is gonna reel. Serge is really enjoying the surf, but misses his wife and son a lot and would like to say hello and let them know he loves them.

Ernesto here is looking for that barrel, or maybe the barrel is looking for him. Sometimes at this wave the barrels hunt you down.

John is shown here pulling into one of the many hollow rights. Him and his friends are really living the life down here in Nicaragua.

Erick did not want to spend the whole day in the green room, so he decided he would get a little sun on this wave and do a pretty big slash.

After a long day of killer wavs and open barrels nothing sounds better than a good, solid massage. We have a few real good masseuses here in San Juan del Sur, so if you are ever down here e-mail us and we will direct you where to go.

The last shot of the day has some 'National Geographic' flavor. It was a serious day of surfing and shooting, we hope you enjoyed all the pics. There is supposed to be a little jump in the swell tomorrow so stay tuned. "Come Pan, Lucha Libre, Taco de Pescado" out!