Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hi and thanks for joining us for the Wednesday surf report.  Today we sent Mateo “Guineo” to the beach with the camera and he got back into town with a couple cool photos of the action. It was running about waist to chest high on sets with offshore winds and the water was warm.  Check out the lineup.

The big news for today is: pledge out with the camera and Hace Quezo showing the ladies how to surf.  Can you guys believe it?  Check out Quezitos with her first student ever.  Good luck Sachi!!!

There were some really fun waves rolling through this afternoon.  A bunch of people were taking advantage of them on the big pangas.  One of them was our very own Pancho Sanchez walking straight to the nose and showing us how to dance “La Macarena” on a big board.  Good job Panchito!!!

“El Mope” Miranda was able to make it out to the beach today and he was ripping on a few small but fun waves.  Here we got a nice shot of him with a nice turn, showing us why he made it to the finals in the last contest at Playa Maderas.

Mateo "Guineo" was not worried about getting some surf today, because he was pretty busy on the beach. What would you do, stay on the beach with this lovely chick or go surfing?  Mateo made the right call, he’s going to cook his guineito later tonight.

After a few sweet wipe outs, Sachi finally stood up and rode a couple of nice ones all the way to the beach.  Watch out D-lite because Hace Queso might take your job soon.

Here we have Brandon “El Sandwich” picking up one of the better set waves that came in at Machete Pt.  This guy has been asking for another post for a while, so today we decided to make his dream a reality. Sandwich you better start throwin' man fans like D-lite!

There was a lot of activity on the beach today besides the surf! These puppies were running attacking Mateo "Guineo" so he had to fend them off with him karate skills

This is a new secert spot we found! At the right tide this place blows up! Start lookin' boys!

On the last shot of the day we have “El Pescadito” riding a nice looking right.  We are expecting to have a push in the swell tomorrow so be sure to stay tuned with us.