Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 11, 2012

Hey boys, Lucha Libre here from one of my favorite spots up southern Nicaragua.  The conditions were not as good as usual today but we were able to score some fun ones still.  Chest to head high on the bigger sets, crazy winds switching all day around and nice water.  Check it out!!!

Quite a few rippers were out busting tails out and throwing buckets all over the place.  Luke Marks, the little 13 years old kid working on his backside.



Mr. Mustache with a killer layback on his frontside. Older guys also know how to do it, little boys!!!

Older surfers also knows where to sit and get the better waves.  Check out this pal picking up a nice right hander!

Byron from Miami came down a few days ago and he is having a blast down here.  Scoring many fun waves and drinking lots of TOÑAS and FLOR DE CAÑA!!!  Deacachimba hermano!

Blake kept doing his thing out there today.  Busting some sick and crazy aerail moves!

Meanwhile this guy was surfing all by himself down the beach.  Cool backside snap on this little peeler!

Carlos El Local was showing off in front of the very few girls we have on the beach.  Don't you believe me?  Here is the proof!

Alright folks, that's all for today.  Please check back tomorrow!