Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey guys, this is the NSR family reporting in. Thanks for tuning in to check out the action in Nicaragua. We were tired from the contest yesterday so we slept in and headed to the beach in the afternoon. The swell has dropped from yesterday but it was still fun. It was about chest high with some bigger sets.

The first shot o the day we got Pancho “The Godfather” Sanchez. He took out the right board for the waves today. It was kind of small and fat so with that big panga he was getting a bunch of waves.

The Godfather also brought his lady “Hace Queso” with us to the beach today. She was stoked to get in the water and be the dominator of the line up. Here she is hand dragging on a fun left.

There was a bunch of people out there today surfing and learning on the inside smaller waves. On the outside we got Pedro “El Cacaste” attacking the lip and we have an unknown cruzing through the inside.

We had visiters from all around the world today surfing. Here are some friends from Japan. They had business in Managua, but they made some time to head over to the ocean and get some surf.

The old pledge Mateo “Guineo” got some fun waves at the contest yesterday, but he was still hungry for some more. Here he is making the most of the little surf with a nice roundy!

The other pledge was allowed to surf today as well. Jeremiah “Chewy” is always stoked about surfing. Whether is knee high Jacksonville or head high Nicaragua. Here he is ampin’ on a right.

With all the people in the water it can get kind of dangerous. Here is a tourist hopefully escaping sure decapitation.
Surfing tip # 501: Hold on to your board when duck diving.

Last shot of the day we gotta represent Chewy’s favorite place to eat here. It doesn’t look like much but it “too legit to quit” says “Chewy.” Alright, we’re hungry so we have to go hit up “Deliciosos!” Check back tomorrow!