Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today was a great day at Playa Maderas. The surf contest went off without a hitch due to great workers and sponsors alike. It didn’t hurt that the waves were PUMPING! It was head high with overhead sets, she definitely had her game face on. As usual in this part of Nicaragua the wind was offshore, and the weather was perfect. Everyone was having a great time enjoying the awesome atmosphere supporting all the surfers and friends.

We had a great turnout for the second day in a row. Over two hundred people showed up to compete and hangout at the beach. People came from all over Nicaragua, to witness the final day of the Maderas contest.

Sobe Adrenaline Energy Drink really stepped it up as a sponsor and helped make the contest a success. The Adrenaline girls were out all weekend giving out free Adrenaline and pumping the surfers up for their contest. Everyone was grateful to have Sobe Adrenaline as a sponsor this year.  Thanks!

Early in the day the juniors were tearing it up! It’s crazy how good the young talent is down here. This is twelve-year-old Joel “Capullo” with a hard bottom turn on a solid wave.  Capullo advanced deep into the finals and put up a solid result this contest (see below for full results).

The longboard division was small but the competition was tight. This is Jose “Corage” Hernandez cruzin with style down this nice right.  Jose took home the 1st place trophy today.

The girls were out there having a great time catching a bunch of waves to themselves. Here’s Kristen Moss the woman behind Surfari Charters setting up for a great wave.  Kristen had a strong showing today and placed 2nd for the women.

The Bodyboarders are really stepping it up a notch! Making for a great final. This is NSR’s very own Jairo “Come Pan” caught sliding in to this barrel. It’s surprising he has anytime to practice because he’s always taking sick pictures for Nicaragua Surf Report!  Jairo placed 3rd today.  Way to go Jairo!

In addition to competing, Jairo also spent a good bit of time taking water shots at today’s contest!  Maybe that’s why he was so tired.  Check out this awesome shot he got of Chavez laying into this right.

Team NSR had a strong showing in today’s contest! Here’s last year’s intern showing the new intern how it’s done! Take notes Chewy!

San Juan Del Sur’s very own Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro was primed for this contest, spreading his wings and cutting back on this wave.  Agusto made the finals today and took home the 2nd place trophy.

Here we have Julio “El Panson” getting a nice barrel on this right! Maderas isn’t really known for having a lot of barrels but today it was really offering them up.

Due to overexposure to the heat the NSR crew was feeling a little crazy. Well maybe more than a little crazy!  Here we have Cheeze, Matteo, DLite and Carlos Caliente making love to the camera.  Good job helping out and repping NSR to the fullest.

Everyone has a different strategy for getting ready for their heats and it was cool to capture some of them today. Clockwise from the top left: Larry can’t wait to get out there, Pancho and Cali study the line-up, Agusto does yoga and La Baloy prays.

The beach scene wasn’t just a bunch of surfers it was a family event! We need to get the next round of talent in the water already!

And now the girl’s results…
4th Robin Donaldson
3rd Kathalina Sigmon
2nd Kristen Moss
1st Maite de la Torre

The Bodyboard competition was so close and own to the wire!
4th Modesto “Maseca” Alvarado
3rd NSR’s Jario “Come Pan” Panic
2nd Eduardo “La Belleza” Pomares
1st Nestor “El Grillo” Aleman

The longboard division was a diverse group! From juniors all the way to grandfathers!
4th Tom “El Viejo Pelon” Eberly
3rd Byron "El Abuelo" Lopez
2nd Norwin “El Chulin” Estrella
1st Jose  “Corage” Hernandez

Like we said earlier the junior division is getting crazy!
4th Edwin “La Calabera” Chavez
3rd Guillermo “La Terepota” Rosales
2nd Joel “El Capullo” Chavez
1st Rex “La Bestia” Calderon

And now for the main event! The open division consisted of surfers of all ages, Nicaragua and international!
4th Julio “El Panson” Mairena 
3rd Gerardo “El Mope” Miranda
2nd Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro
1st Rex “La Bestia” Calderon

After everything was said and done, there was a raffle drawing for a brand new surfboard.  The winner was a young kid named Richard from Astillero.  I think he was more stoked to be taking a picture with these girls than receiving the surfboard.

The last shot of the day is going out to the two-time Nicaraguan Champion Rex “La Bestia” Calderon. He was punting airs like this all day! Congratulations man, we are all stoked for you. The contest was a huge success we would like to thank again Sobe Adrenaline for all their support. Also, the contest would not have been possible if it was not for Javier Baldovinos the president of the National Surfing Federation, Tony from The Surf Sanctuary, and the boys from NSR and Surfari Charters. We have another contest coming up in two weeks in Astillero to stay tuned and be ready! NSR out!