Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 09, 2005

The waves were so good yesterday, we decided to take the Heli straight into Rancho Santana today to save time. We'd like to thank Capt. Tom for the ride - dude, that was cool.

The swell dropped off a bit from yesterday, but we still had some head high sets coming in and the winds were offshore all day long. Here is a shot of Mike M. throwing off a nice spray.

Popoyo was fun today too. Remember, the first ever contest here will be held on May 21st and 22nd. Contact the Tola Alcaldia for more info. Timing the sets for the paddle out.

Set wave at Popoyo.

We'd like to give a NSR shout-out to Lincoln from So Cal. Nice wave Lincoln!

And also, a shout out to all the surfer girls out there!

And finally...What do you do when your wave is closing out and there is a Photographer on the beach? Straighten out? No way! You smile at him, point a finger and pull in. Nice work Unser.