Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hi everybody. Today we woke up real early in the morning to get the surf report from Maderas.  The waves were experiencing a little morning sickness but they were still fun about chest to shoulder high, offshore wind, and warm water. Check it out.

Peter "Gallo Claudio" is seen here taking off on one of the fun rights that were coming through. He was real excited to surf Maderas with only  three other guys in the water.

Jairo "Come Pan" Panic was super tired, but he managed to muster up enough energy to show some of his body boarding tricks.

Mateo "Taco de Pescado" felt like his flight over here to Nicaragua was too short, so he wanted to make up for that with some flight time of his own.

Today we are featuring our friend Trebol "La Medusa" who has never made it on NSR before. He was having a great time today because he had his pick of the waves.

Last night the Nicaragua National Team came out victorious against the FAU team. There was lot of people who came out to support the Nicaraguen team, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the friendly competition.

This is a sweet action shot of one of the FAU players spiking the ball. There is another game scheuled for Friday night, so we are all excited to see what will happen. There is a big swell on the way so be sure to keep up with the report!