Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What's up What's up!  This is Eric with another daily surf report here at NSR.  The waves were fun this a/m.  Coming in around chest to head high.  The winds were calm early making for some super clean conditions. 

I went out to the beach with a cool group of guys from Brazil.  They are stoked to be getting some waves in Nicaragua and wanted to make the boys bake home jealous with some photos.  This is Fabricio with a nice frontside tube.

Hold on a second folks, we have to throw this shot in before everybody keeps looking for the surf pics.  Erick "Justin Beaver" got busted last night trying to feed himself in the porch.  This man is always HUNGRY, bon-a-petit buddy!!!

Back to the waves....This man, Mateus was nabbing himself some sweet waves today.  He wasn't the only one that wanted a piece of this one.

Looking down the beach at the mysto left.  Nobody anywhere around and this wave was piping!

Whaaat!  Two guys, one wave...  Cliff, getting himself a barrel and happily sharing it!

Anotha' brotha' from the Brazilian crew, Thales getting some tube time on a sick one!  There were some little barrels to be had for sure!!

Cliff getting one to himself this time.  Loving this hollow little wave!

Lindsay and her friend were all smiles after their session.  How could you not be when the waves are fun all morning long?!

Later on, we went and checked a different wave.  The wind had picked up and was affecting it a little..   Romulo was still on it and getting some good waves!

Back up at the shop, D-Lite was about to take off on a moto adventure.  He is stoked because his lovely girlfriend Yao came to visit for awhile.

Heather in the hot seat, getting interviewed by the new guy.  Be sure to tune in on Sundays and check out NSR's new channel!  That's all for today...  We'll be back tomorrow with another update straight from the beach!  Thanks for checkin' us out and keep it real out there.