Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 04, 2008

Welcome to the sunday surf report with "Come Pan" Panic, so today it was a beautiful day to take the boat out and try to get some surf , fish, and dive.  It's head high on sets, the wind is offshore, the water is very warm and super clear.  Check it out. 

I just got a new underwater housing for our camera and thought we would give it a try. Here we have Chris from florida with a nice shot.

Today was a pretty day on the boat and Pancho was with us taking some fun waves.  Here he is about to throw the lip off a nice left.

Today we are introducing Mateo "Taco de Pescado" Craig who is working with us for this summer. He was really excited to be surfing with us today.  Here he is about to cutback on a nice looking left.

Today we found two mermaids playing with their noodles out in the water today! Heather and her best friend Leslie were not only enjoying the beautiful conditions, but decided to catch a few waves and teach us how to surf with the noodles.

I was not going to surf,  but I saw those beautiful girls surfing on their noodles and it inspired me. Here I am riding a fun left. Thanks Pancho for getting this nice shot.

Today was a great full day on the boat. We decided to take out the spear gun and spear fishs. Here is another Pancho shot, this time underwater.

Today I tried to take different types of pictures. Here is one that looks like a storm underwater.

Here is another cool shot. These bubbes are from when Pancho screamed after shooting a big fish.  This is the last shot of the day.  Come Pan out!!!