Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hola primos and welcome to the NSR report with Parker! We received another dumping of rain last night so the conditions stayed similar. Check out our shots!

We are entering our winter (the rainy season) so the sky was grey, the water didn't have the normal gorgeous blue, and there was zero wind. We need the clouds to heal our sunburns and the rain for the crops!

Kevin Cortez recently returned from filming "Frio" in Canada. Today's conditions probably looked similar, except our water is in the low 80's.

He paddled out with his best friend and surf coach Mateo. At higher tides, this spots gets wedgy and some of the waves close out.

Not a problem for this guy! Normally, Mateo is a tube hound but when the conditions call for it, he smashes the incoming section.

Nicaragua features endless amounts of lefts; however a regular footer can fill his quota here. Some waves run for up to 200 yards all the way to the beach.

Kevin is one of the local surfers pushing the limits. Every week, he has a new progressive trick to show off so check out this one!

Michael Jordan funneled all the speed into this section and launched off. The sky is the limit for this hombre!

He nailed the rotation but had trouble with his back foot. While it's raining and the winds are slightly onshore during the midday, you'll see the locals working on their air game.

Did we mention his rail game too? He's a powerful surfer who demolishes the waves.

Clean up set!!! The waves are fat and pack a punch (despite being mushy) so be on the lookout for the swingers that will get you...

After a leg burning wave to the beach, look for the inside beachy section. Some waves get hollow!

Ok damas and caballeros, get out for a lunchtime session. The waves are fun now but they will be picking up through the weekend. Stay tuned with our report and thank you for checking out today! Adios amigos!