Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 28, 2011

We'd like to give a big NSR welcome to our newest intern Andrew Mercier.  Andrew hails from Maryland and is currently a film student at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL.  Not only is Andrew going to be spending his summer surfing his brains out and getting killer footage for NSR - he's going to receive 6 credits towards graduation in the process!  What?!!!!  That's sick, right?  NSR now has a legitimate internship program that earns you school credit.

Right off the plane and he already landed a big Dorado and caught sick waves at an undisclosed location.  Does he look stoked?  Stay tuned to NSR for Andrew's video footage which is planned to air on Sunday's.

Good to have you down my friend!

What's up everyone!  Eric here with a surf report from the more northern Nicaraguan coast.  Before we went out to the beach this morning we went to the Santa Maria elementary school to drop off all of the donations that have come through.  School had already started and we didn't want to interrupt all the kids so we made it a quick stop.

We want to send out a BIG thanks to everybody who donated supplies for this school!  They will no doubt be put to good use here.  Check out this table full of good stuff we had!

After unloading our box of shcool supplies, it is now back in the surf shop and very empty.  Anybody coming down here who would like to make a donation, it would be very much appreciated.  Thanks again to everybody who helped out in any way!

Moving on to the waves this a.m.  They were pumping!  Solid sets coming in at around head high with some overhead sets coming through.  The wind was dead calm for awhile, making for some super clean conditions.  Check it!

Here's an unknown hombre with a smooth bottom turn.  Looks overhead huh? 

Carlos was cruising on this right.  He nabbed a good tube section on this wave.

Mario came down from his homebreak and was ripping at this wave.  Here his pulling in backside with a sweet barrel section in front of him.

It was a good show from the beach.  Every set that came through there was somebody charging!  That's a boogie boarder who snagged this nice left.

It seemed like Dana was on the bigger wave of every set.  Here is taking the highline on this one.  He walked in from a beach to the south, brought too small of a board and no leash, he was still pulling in on everything he could!

When in a spot like this, it's time to make a critical decision..  Go big and pull in, or wimp out and run.  Looks like this guy is going for it!!

Unknown surfer pulling in on a perfect left!  That's all from up here today.  Lucha will be posting a report from down south so stay tuned for that!  This has been Eric with your Thursday report and I'm out!

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre throwing a couple shots in from San Juan del Sur.  The waves were super fun this morning and there was a lot of people having a good time.  It was head high on sets with nice offshore winds and the water was nice.  Check it out!!!

There were a lof of rippers destroying every single wave they caught.  Rya going big with a sick frontside maneuver!

There were also some sick waves barreling.  Check out this kid finding himself into this nice left.

La Baloy Chamorro was busting airs all over the place, as always.  La Baloy showing us all his sponsor stickers!

Andrew wanted to know what the feels are when you blast an air.  Here he is giving it a try!

One last shot of El Burrito kicking this one with his backside.  Hopefully we might score some sweet ones tomorrow!