Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 28, 2014

Hi there, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with your barrel fest report.  Overhead waves on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore all day long and the water was great.  Check it out!!!

First at all we want to share this sick shot sent in by our friends from Surfari Charters.  Capitan Moss just having a blast!

Super fun waves all day long today and the crew staying at the NSR Beach House scored some sick ones.  Check out the scene from the house!

It was definitely a day commanded by the rights, but Michael happened to find some nice lefts.  Deep in the flats with a killer bottom turn.

Logan just chilling on this right hander and looking for the best section to push the breaks.  Nice one amigo!

Italito, the 13 year old kid paddled out and he rode some fun ones.  His mama was so proud of him!

Italito's papa was able to made it out as well and he was having a blast.  Gino with a sick set up on his backhand.

El Perro Blanco did make it out as well and he was charging.  He was no worried about his broken rip.  It was all about having fun.

Chris with a quick little sequence.  Shot 1, looking down the line!

Shot 2, setting up!

Shot 3, right in the hot spot!

A couple of shots later, still going!

And out.  That was cool buddy!

Mr Oconner made it over our way and he scored some sweet ones.  Yewww, check out the lip of that thing!

Austin was charging some big waves at the outer reef the past two days but today he was ready to score some beach break slots.  Yeahhhh dude!

The waves were firing all day long and somebody had to pay some taxes.  Alex from Venezuela was the one!

The locals know this spot really well and today they were showing us their knowledge.  Did I mention that the right was going off today?

It was nice to see some shredders doing their thing out there.  Here is caught this one with a sweet floater.

Koa Smith and friends showed up to our backyard today and they were ready to shred.  Warming up!

Did I say ready to shred?  Sick carve!

Killer aerials!

And amazing barrel rides.  We had a movie in the lineup today, just watching this guy!

Beautiful spitters at low tide this morning. And beautiful bottom turns!

Mr Piña was ripping as you can see.  It was nice to see you out there fella!

Mr Gardner did it again.  He showed up and he scored right away.  Last little sequence of the day.  Pulling in deep!

Did I say deep?  This barrel was insane!

A couple of shots later, he totally disappeared and was into that thing for a couple seconds.

Well done amigo. 

It was cool to see everyone catching lots of fun ones today.  The swell is dropping a little bit tomorrow and we are expecting to get some sweet ones.  Please stay tuned with us!

Buenas noches!!!