Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 26, 2008

The contest is on and we made it out today to have fun with all the surfers from the whole country.  The surfing conditions were not exactly what we were expecting to have but anyway we gave it a try.  It's head high on sets, the wind was side shore in the morning but then turned strong onshore about 10:00 in the morning.  Here is a shot of the lineup.

Today we started the contest with the junior heats and they were doing pretty well even with the worst waves i have ever seem in a contest.  Here we have Cesar "El Boquita" Amador going off the top.  He made it round to round and he's ready to participate tomorrow into the junior's semifinals with 2 groms from Leon Uriel Chavez, Richard Obando and Joel "El Capullito" Chavez from astillero.

This is the big surprise of the contest, Las Panitas now has a good grom surfer.  We are talking about Patricio "El Friquiton" Martinez who made it to the semifinal for tomorrow.  He actually was working hard into the national too but he didn't made it.  Here he is with a cool shot.

Sr Rex "La Bestia" Calderon was on fire today, this little kid is improving very fast and now he's ready to win one more tittle.  Here he is doing his thing.  This guy was surfing very well today and he made it to the semifinals into the junior and national category.  That's why he is one of the best surfer in Nicaragua.

Junior "La Juliana" Martinez was working hard today because he wanted to make it to the semifinals one more time.  This guy is representing his hometown "Limon 2) very well and of course he made it to the semifinal in both categories for tomorrow (Open and Junior).

This little kid was amazing today.  He was dong every kind of maneuvers to make it to the semifinals for tomorrow in both categories too.  Yeahh guys, he made it to the open and junior semifinals.  Here he is smacking the lip.

We don't know what's happening right now.  Today we have many international people watching the show but we don't have many chicks in the lineup.  We hope all of them show up tonight and have party with us.  Here is one of the few girls who was on the beach today taking the sun.

Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro is ready to defend his national tittle against all the nica surfers and today was doing his thing to made it to the semifinals tomorrow.  Here he is second away of  a cool snap.

This time Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro didn't make it to the semifinal.  He did a good job in the first round but then he didn't make it through the third one.  Anyway, he'll be surfing around for the rest of the contest.  By the way, he's not going to participate into the international category in this event because he didn't qualify in to the best 10 locals surfers in the national ranking of the last contest.

Roque "Balboa" Calderon got back to the action again in this contest and was doing it pretty good.  This guy has travel around many places and surf many different waves, so he has good experience with this kind of surf conditions.  Here he is with a small but cool snap and of course he made it to the semifinal into the open heats for tomorrow.

Jamil "El Cerrucho" Amador has been surfing pretty good for the last contest because he wants to be part of the national team and participate in international contest representing his country.  Today he did a good labor and made it to the semifinal for tomorrow.  Here he is with a coll backside move.

Mario "El Danino" Martinez is one of the best surfer in the country and today he showed up everybody who he is, making it to the semifinals for tomorrow.  There he goes working on one of the best wave of the day.

We didn't have real good surf conditions today but the weather was perfect to do all kind of activities on the beach.  You could take a sun bath, surf for a while, drink some cold tonas or even play some soccer beach and that's exactly what we did.  Alright folks, that's all for today.  Please check back tomorrow and see who will get the champion ships.