Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hello everybody!! This is Parker logging in for today’s shots. The morning session was fun so I recommend clicking the “read more” button to see for yourself.

After a winter in the Rockies, I’m back for the season. That means y’all are stuck with my reports… Nonetheless, I’m stoked to be back just before the season turns on and amped to be reporting the action to y’all!

Ok, this is what I saw at first light: little bit stretched, some tubes, and nobody out. Not a bad combination all things considered? Josh, a seasoned local, thought it wasn’t too rough.

So, just a few lineup shots to show you. Because I got back recently, I couldn’t stand on the sidelines with the camera… Time to go surf!

Then I came back to the camera to show y’all some action. Keep scrolling down!

Clearly, the swell hit. It isn’t my favorite direction for the beachie but the waves were still really fun. Nothing epic, but definitely a good start to the morning.

I saw John Gilem yesterday and he asked me if I was going to get a shot of him this morning. First, of course I’ll always get a picture for you bro and second, I had to say thank you for storing my stuff all offseason! Muzzy, how was your flight home hombre???

After Mr. Steep and Deep (see the picture above), another muchacho wanted to show off.

For all the barrels I saw today, it was a little bit of a bummer to see. A lot of people struggled to get deep and take advantage of the views. But, considering I haven’t surfed in a few months, I can understand. *Or maybe that's a cop out because I spent too much time surfing and not taking photos.

Russell chilled with me while I shot photos. That is, until the set of the day came through. He said, “see you in 5 minutes with my board!!!”

My response: “Nah man, time to surf. Meet me out there.”

NSR and I would like to address the news everybody has been seeing. Thankfully, it appears as if we have turned the corner! The protesting has been peaceful and the government is ready to listen. Good news- we are stoked and businesses are staying open!

Soooo what does that exactly mean for you? Come down and get your fair share at Tube Town! Of course, stay in touch with us for any developments; however, traveling is normal, safe, and ok. If you trust me, then trust me, I just traveled a couple days ago and everything was smooth sailing with zero hiccups.

So let’s get back to what we love: surfing.

Lesther, how would you call this morning’s size? Overhead? Juicy? Fun? D. all the above?

As I’m sure most of you already know, he’s one of the best barrel riders at the break. He’s got a solid rail game too…

But I think Josh Springfield has one of the best pig dog styles (hence: @joshhavepigdog). Good to see you and surf with you again brotha!

Are the barrels not quite your thing? Look a little north to find something a little more user-friendly. Plenty of real estate to take advantage of on those peelers.

Maybe a few people were looking north or they thought this perfect right wasn’t user-friendly. Grrrr…..

DJ!!!! That’s what I yelled when he took off on a few bombs last night at the reef break and that’s what I yelled after he schralped this lip off.

Alright, I’m going to leave y’all with this spitting beauty. It’s time to go surf again!! Thank y’all for checking out today’s action. Stay tuned to see what happens in the next few days!