Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hola todos and welcome to the NSR surf report with Parker! Today is a relaxing day in our neighborhood so check out our shots!

There is still good swell in the water. You could probably find fun left overs at the reefs/points but I bet the interval is about to get right for the beachies.

Although, I hate to say it, the onshores came around 8am. Just as the tide was coming in and getting to the sweet spot, the onshores kicked in. That’s alright, we have 11 months of the year with offshore winds.

No matter what, Josh Springfield still logs his water hours- even if the waves aren’t perfect or it’s onshore. It’s funny how spoiled we get with the consistent surf and winds…

Josh has been nailing these cutbacks. He’s flying into the section with good speed but coming out of it even faster. By the time you blink, he’ll be fine tuning another trick (airs are next bro!!).

Josh has solidified himself in the lineup and earned the respect of all the locals. Now it's time for brother Juan John to get out there and find a spot in the mix!

If you like to fish (or want to try fishing), this next week should be awesome! We will have variable winds for a few more days so expect more fish and warm water. That also means two more things: 1. surf in the mornings and 2. rain is coming soon!!

Diego is a Mexican shredder who is taking a quick vacation here. Watch him surf and you’ll understand why there are handfuls of stickers covering his board.

Despite the winds, there was one almost barrel today. Check it out!

I saw the set coming out the back and I was stoked because I thought it was my friend Tony Z getting into position!!! All of us on the beach started hooting him on.

Unfortunately, it sectioned and didn’t stay open like it normally does. Or, our home break said they won’t accept any Don Chele impostors!!!

If you’re here on vacation or you’re a resident who has been a little surf starved (cough cough Cesar), go get on it! If not, hang out at the Beach Club and take it easy. To all our amigos in the States, have a good start to the work week and hopefully see y’all down here soon! Adios amigos!