Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hey guys it's D-Lite here with your Thursday NSR surf report.  The waves were smaller today running knee to waist high with some chest high sets every now and then.  The water was beautiful and warm and the crowd was chill.  The good thing is that today is forecasted to be the smallest day all week and we should see the surf come up over the next couple of days.

We had a few local ex-pats in the line up this morning.  This is India with a glassy insider.

It was small and the waits were long but if you were patient you could find a gem like this one.  Luck was a big part of surfing here today.

Oliver decided to take the big boy out today to insure he would get his fair share.  He is such a well rounded surfer.  One day he is longboarding and the next big swell he will be out at The Reef charging 15 footers on his 5'10".

Oliver again on the same wave on the inside trying to get a cover up.

A couple of the local boys playing around and getting ready for the next swell.

This was the best wave I saw while I was taking shots.  It had a nice barrel section and there was no one around.  What a shame.

This was a sick left hander.  Nice section and it peeled all the way to the beach.  A lucky pale rider making it happen.

Nice colors in this shot.  The water was clear and super blue.

One of our guests from the NSR Beach House decided to try his luck at surf casting.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the site today.  We will be back tomorrow with all of the action here in Nicaragua.  Again, the surf is on the rise for the next week and then we are expecting a big swell towards the end of the month.  Check the forecast and hit us up, we still have room for a last minute strike mission.  See you tomorrow, this is D-Lite singing off.  PAZ!!