Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello primos. Welcome back to the Sunday surf report.The surf report say today is the best day of this swell and that was a true. We can see the power of the ocean in this sets. The water is warm again, the water have good colors, nice offshore wind. The ocean was calm for about ten minutes, but went the sets come were in group of five to fifteen waves rolling with good lefts and rights. Check it out.

Brian Heustis from Maui and his grandson Andrew Pouring from Florida were the first person in the water in this spot. They are having a great time surfing together here in Nicaragua and went I say together is because they like to share waves!!!!.  Andrew don want, but what you can say to your grandfather.

How can be better? This two guys have a plan for today. Be fun!!!! and they did.

Ok. When the bombs start to coming. They Don't share waves. They say is too danger. So here is Brian dropping one of the nice waves in the morning.

Andrew find this section in the inside of the beach and ripping this wave. Everybody we're going fast in this waves.

My good friend Oliver Solis was out there ripping without leash. He is thirty four years old and he always is pushing his surf level up. He never stop.

I see a lot of this today. The washing machine was turn on all day long and keep going.

This was the last wave of Brian. He run this wave making turns until the beach and he come out with big smile.

When the tide was coming in the waves were barreling. This is why we have one of the best wave in the world. Just a little swell and this wave is fired.

Lester have around ten barrels today. What you see it how it is. Super clean waves.

The sets, never stopping. Two hours of surf session were enough for catch one of those barrels.

Gary don't know how get out the barrels, so he make cuts.!!! Little ones.

Ok. Was a good sunday fun day here in Nica land. Everybody think tomorrow will be better, so cross the fingers. See you tomorrow. Armando lopez is out.