Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello and welcome back for your Saturday NSR surf report.  The waves were super fun once again running waist to head high with fair form.  The water was nice and the crowd was mellow.  Check it out.

The wind came up at tad early this morning but it was still fun out there.  This was right before it started to blow.  Unknown pale rider reaping the benefits.

Nice turn on this lefty.  If you guys were in the line up this morning Armando probably has some good shots of you.  Send us an Email and we can hook you up.  Another unknown.

Rock and roll floater on the inside section.  Shot 1

Shot 2  Going for it for sure.

Just came unglued at the very end.  Good thing the waves are so fun, you can try these over and over.

We had mostly rights coming through but every now and then a sweet left would appear. 

How is this mini bomb?  Looks pretty good to me.  What do you guys think?

The day wouldn't be complete without at least one barrel shot. 

Codo went back in the afternoon to see if there were any good ones coming through.  As you can see the wind was on it a bit.  Thats going to do it for us this fine afternnon.  We hope you will join us again tomorrow for our Sunday Funday report.  The waves are supposed to continue for the next few days and we will be here to cover all of the action.  Peace!!!