Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hola muchachos and muchachas and welcome to the NSR report! This is Parker logging in to update you on today’s morning shots. It was a fun morning session so check them out!

There isn’t anything special swell wise going on right now. Actually, we will have a couple down days like this until next week. Swell is on the radar so stay tuned in the next week!

Nonetheless, some rippers were out! If you’re visiting, you’ll still be stoked on these fun conditions. As for me, Brian Scott or I will hold it down on the beach with a camera for you!!

Maybe I spoke too soon… Roger splits time between NICA and the States. Regardless, he surfs every single morning! You can count on see him out there and patently waiting for those outside sets.

How about that right?!?! Maybe I should have paddled out for a few before work…

I ran up the nearby peak to see what kind of shots I could get from there. Too bad there weren’t long lines of groundswell to show off, but you can see those sets marching in. Besides, Brian Scott, our photographer, is a pro-fesh-un-al through and through so I can’t let him get all the coolest shots on the report!!!!

I see some green but tons of brown so I want to come back once the rains come and freshen everything up. Also, as the sun keeps setting more and more north, this is the best spot to come watch the sunset. Grab a couple beers (but not too many for the slippery hike down), snag the nearby bench, and get your Snapchat story ready.

It was windy up at the peak but the beach had a nice breeze and plenty of people were enjoying the low tide morning. Here is Mark, Laura, and Patti doing their daily walk.

Meanwhile, Salvadorra’s family has been hanging out in front of their rental property Casa Cantamar. They are a super cool and friendly family from Managua who always wave and smile. Thank you the countless ways you help NSR, Salvadorra!

Back in the water, turns turns turns and more turns! Horseshoes was offering plenty of rippable sections. Time your trick for the walled up section and maintain your speed in the flatter part.

Or, snag a longboard and cruise all the way to the beach! This is one of the most consistent waves in Nicaragua and we’re stoked to be able to surf it everyday (even if it doesn’t always barrel). It’s a perfect compliment to the beach break.

Or, last suggestion, clean up on the inside. The waves stand up but some of them closeout. This surfista was prepared.

One quick note about the current conditions and water temperature: it’s chilly! I would say it’s low or maybe mid 70’s. Normally, it’s brisk late January through March. Then, the offshores cease in April and the water immediately heats back up (remember that bath water two weeks ago?!?). Well, we have had a bit more offshores lately so plan ahead and pack a wetsuit top. The winds should be backing off soon and the water will be warm.

These two French girls walked over from Gigante and I told them to wear their suits instead of a bikini (sorry viewers). But, they have the right idea: have low expectations, go surf, and catch whatever comes their way. Oliver and I will be happy to show you guys around this wave later this afternoon.

Ok damas and caballeros, it’s time for me to get back to work and check on our clients! We are super busy for the Semana Santa week so I can’t show off surf photos all day. Thank you for checking out the shots today and stay tuned (especially next week!). Hasta luego todo!!