Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 12, 2013

Pumping swell in Nicaragua and Lucha Libre bringing you all the action we had out there.  The waves were sick and super fun, the winds could not have been better and the water was amazing.  We totally got blessed today.  Thanks GOD!!!

Classic shot at Nica Pipeline!

We made it to the beach first light this morning and it was worth it.  Mani was already out when we got there and we do not even have to say that he was killing it!

Even the inside section was doing it this morning but no many people was charging it.  Woooooooooooooo!!!

El Codo Loooooopez was the only loooocal out there this morning and he was able to ride a few fun ones.  Way to go Codito!

This is Trin from Fl setting up and styling on one of the many sicky ones he had.  What a beautiful wave, uh!

Quite a few guys from Argentina were out and they were going big on some nice sized sets.  Here is caught this one getting it done on his backside.

Lots of sick waves rolling in but no many people out to take them.  Who want some of this?

We had some BOMBAS out there and The Gunpowder was all over them.  Mani Mantequilla de Mani  deep in the flats!

The tide got low so we had to take a break and headed out to check another spot.  Left point-break anyone???

Did I mention that the water was super clear and warm?  Just take a look at this shot and make your own call!

Later in the afternoon I jumped in on the VA PUE and made it to the channel to get a better view of the action.  Special thanks to http://www.surfaricharters.com/ for hooking us up.  Gracias Lance and BC!!!

Right when we pulled up we saw Mani getting his last wave of the day.  Do I need to say killing it?

Mani on the same wave, just a few shots later.  Flying out of the barrel.  This wave actually hurt him and broke his board.  Hope you feel better soon Mani!

Mr Soderlin paddled out and he made some nice ones.  Yeahhhhh Jeff!

Jimmy was playing for a little while at RD's but later in the afternoon he took his b,,,,,s out to the bigger stuff.  Looking good pal!

A few local kids were trying to get some in the inside section and a couple of them were paying some taxes.  Ouchhhhh!

Chris on the last shot of the day.  Swell is supposed to drop a little bit tomorrow but it'll be solid overhead still so stay tuned with us!