Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello every body. The waves keep kinda small. The offshore wind is calming down. There are sets coming every twenty minutes and just couple waves are rideable. Check today action.

This is the only right to have tubes. The offshore wind was strong in the morning, right now is light.

This is the end of the right. After the take off there are a place for made two pumping and made a cut.

This waves have a short distance, but are playful. All the people in the line up were taking more than one fun waves.

This left was breaking occasionally. Just a surfer was catching the corner of this wave. The tide is coming up and we can see some little waves showing up.

Here is the ripper of the beach. This surfer was waiting for the good waves and he always was making cuts really fluid.

Today the numbers of good waves were less than the bad one. Some of the best waves rolling today were breaking shoulder high. This is how look the size of the biggest waves in the sets.

The fun shapes and the fat surfboards are the best option to paddle out. This surfer was getting a lot of fun in this kind of board.

And here is the ripper again!!!... This surfer was moving faster in this tiny wave.

This kid is learning to surf in this break and I see him trying hard to catch a wave and today he ride a good one. Congratulation little man.

We have a lot of visitors impressed to see the surf. This sport is only about twenty years old in Nicaragua and the old generation of the Nica people don't know about surf.

Here is Tony Z in his saturday surf session. He like to used the Tomo board of Fire Wire and check the cut back of him in this wave.

Ok. Amigos. We have a lot of people coming to the new airport in our back yard. Here is a nice airplane, passing on the line up in this beach. Have a good day and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.