Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hey gang, welcome back to the Thursday NSR surf report.  Today was on fire!!!  The swell is pushing in and is expected to get even bigger tomorrow.  There were people getting so pitted all up and down the beach.  I won't even give you my version of the conditions instead I will let you see for yourself.  I shot photos for over three hours and when I made it back to the shop I had put the wrong settings on the camera and not one of my 499 pictures came out.  I want to give a Giant Thank You to Brian Scott for giving me these shots so I could do a report today.  My man you are a life saver.  Thank You! 

We had a special guest appearance from Pancho Sanchez.  The shack master was in full affect this morning. One of his many sick ones.

There were a few well overhead waves rolling through.  This is Lester with one of the bigger waves of the day.  You know you are mind surfing that left right now and absolutely ripping it to pieces.  I don't blame you, I am doing the same thing.

Here's another one of Lester doing what he does best.  Sitting in wide open pits.  Yeah bro you were ripping this morning.

Down the beach was looking pretty sick as well.  How open is that wave?  I could see guys dropping in and then they would just disappear from sight until they were back at the top of the wave.  Some big ones coming in down there for sure.

Unknown ripper getting his groove on.  The water color was insane this morning.  What more can you ask for?  Overhead swells, glassy conditions, wide open tubes and not too many surfers in the line up.  If you ask me I can't think of anything better.

Matt was charging as well.  This right was so good.  I was frothing up on the beach just wishing I could have been out there enjoying the fruits with my friends. 

Here's another tube shot of Bryan(Pancho).  He was high and tight on this one.  Way back there.

It goes without saying that there were some big wipe outs today.  When the waves are pumping there is always carnage.  As the saying goes,,,You just have to get back on the horse and try again.

The local boys were on fire as well.  Carlitos paddled out and turned on this one within minutes and got so shacked.  He always does.

Guess who?  My boy blue was getting it done out there.  Bryan always seems to know when to make the jaunt over to Iguanas.  Good call bro.

We just had a new group check into The NSR Beach House this week and I'm pretty sure they are super stoked.  Here's one of the boys getting pitted on a sweetie.

Zack with a nice round one.  All the boys were on it this morning.

There were a ton of photos of B-money getting barreled today.  I guess you could say that he stole the show.

Here's one of yours truly getting worked.  If you can't poke fun at yourself then what fun is it?  Don't worry I hope to redeem myself tomorrow.  We shall see.  That's it for today gang but be sure to check back in tomorrow to see what happens with the swell.  Again I want to give a big shout out to Brian Scott for the photos and to say if anyone was in the line up today be sure to hit him up at nicaraguasurfshots.com.  You can be sure that he has some really good shots of you.  Have a great night everyone.  PAZ!!!!!!!