Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello friends. Today everybody was to the expectation how the swell keep working and this is what we have. Three feet high, nice offshore wind, chill water and only some wave had the good shape. After that, everybody received a small beating from the waves.

The good waves like this one nobody taken. Breaking only for we can see and say Haaaaaaaa Why don't break close to my.

Everybody try to had a barrel. This is almost what everybody get. My nose drain all morning.

A local guy"Chocoyo" was the only one have the chance to get out.

He say he gonna win the motorcycle from Popoyo surf contest. You think he can?

Is a little deep, but I saw he close the eyes before come out. Hahaha is a joke.

He did really good. Congratulation "Chocoyo" When is hard to have a barrel and you get, you are the lucky guy.

Youuuuu out. After that wave, the day is complete.

A couple waves has corners, so we see some cuts.

Lenin did this trick, We no have name, so we call Lenin style.

Seth make this strong cut, I think was one of the best today in the left.

"Chocoyo" has the best in the right. Suuash. He was on fire today.

This girl was learning surf with her boyfriend, he was pushing her, he choosing the best one for her. Really cute.

No only the adults have fun down here. Check these little kids having the horse ridden.

Ok mis amigos. See you tomorrow in other surf report with my good friend Lucha Libre Garcia. Armando Lopez is out.