Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome back another beautiful day down here in Nicaragua today. The swell still on and a lot of people take the day off and made it out to the beach. It's running about shoulder/headhigh on sets, the wind is offshore and the water feels warm. Check it out.

Today we have a group from Israel having good time and enjoying the holidays down here. This is Oren taking off on a good looking left. Hey buddy check you out you made it on NSR.

Gerardo "El Mope" was paddling out and he was taking a couple good ones as always. Here he is with a nice backside move.

Allan "La Prenda" Carcamo was able to paddled out and take only one wave because he had a party last night and he feels still drunk. Here he is riding a good one in front of Machete pt.

There were a toms of peolpe having good time and taking some of sun on the beach today. There is a shot with a copuple of beautiful girls posing for the camara.

This is Tzuki from Isral too this guy was having fun out there. Here he is trying to get a shack on a nice left. Hey dude you made it on NSR too!!!

It's kind of crazy to meet a tons of people in town, each day a lot of people from different part of the county drove all the way down here to have a great easter season and take Advantage of the good weather condition. There is a shot of the prove it.

This is "Codo" Lopez with a round house. This guy was out there for a while because he was saving his energy for the huge party tonight. Come Pan out.

Hi folks, we have got Roberto (Lucha Libre) Garcia reporting from out here at Playa Venao in Panama. Today we finally made it to the beach and had the first surf session of the trip. Check out the wave of the contest.

"La Baloy" Chamorro was going big and was showing all his skills against all the Central American Surfers. There he is with a sick aerial move.

Rex "La Bestia" Calderon was representing the groms and was doing the best at this beach break. He was so excited and decided to improve a couple of moves.

One of "La Bestia" best friend was on fire today too and ripping all over the place. Here he is smacking the lip.

One of "La Bestia" best friend was on fire today too and ripping all over the place. Here he is smacking the lip.

This is one of the best groms to beat this time if NICARAGUA wants to win a Central American Surf Champion Ship. This little kid is Carlos Munoz from Costa Rica too and he is a good surfer.

Roque "Balboa" Calderon is the only surfer who is going to participate tomorrow in the first heats of the contest into the eliminatories. So today he was working hard and we will see tomorrow what happen. Good luck buddy!!!

Mario "El Danino" Martinez was on fire today and was shredding all over the place. Here is a sick shot of him getting into the action early this morning.

This is one of the other surfers to beat in the tight category of the contest. He's Jason Torez from Costa Rica. He's a good surfer and we have to work very hard to make it over him.

That's all for today. Lucha will be back tomorrow with the first day of competition.