Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 22, 2008

We've got Jairo "Panic" with the surf report today down here in Nicaragua once again, still the swell is up there were a couple local surfers out there. It's shoulder high on sets, the wind is strong offshore and the water is cold. Check it out.

Today i went to the beach this afternoon to get a couple good shots. Here is Armando "EL Codo" Lopez with a nice maneuver.

"EL Mope" Miranda was sharing a couple of good ones with his girl each other. Here he goes into the shack.

There were a couple of ladies charging out today. Here we have Katrina from Germany, this girl is working hard to get into the next National surf contest. There she goes riding a nice looking left. Nice job!!!

Check out these cute girls from Managua having good time and enjoying the beautiful day on the beach. Here they are posing for the camara.

Janil "EL Coqui" Brox getting back to the action today after a while, he wasn't surf often because he was working. Here he is taking off on the top.

And another guy who took his board out today, was Edwing "El Tuzo" Morales. Here he is with the last shot of the day, from Down here in Nicaragua, so later on "Lucha Libre" is giong to be with the full report of the surf contest in Panama. "Come Pan out"

Hi folks, the Central American Surf Contest in on right now at Playa Venao in Panama. We have Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala and Panama trying to win the champion ships. Here is the Nica team posing for the camera and getting ready to score some good ones. Representing Nicaragua we have: Juniors Rex Calderon and Larry Davila from San Juan del Sur, Junior Martinez and Darwin Jacamo from Limon. In the open we have: Luis Chamorro, Augusto Chamorro and Roque Calderon from San Juan del Sur, Mario Martinez from Limon and Samir Duarte from Popoyo. We have two ladies: Ashley Blaylock and Elsy Marin. We also are going to have Roque and Junior into the longboard heats, Darwin, Ashley and Rex on bodyboard. Good luck guys!!!

Today we started the day with the eliminatories in the open heats. In the third heat we have 2 Nicas (Augusto Chamorro and Mario Martinez) and 2 ticos. Here we have Mario "El Danino" Martinez with a nice cut back. He was working hard out there but he didn't make it to the next round.

Augusto "La Gaviota" Chamorro was working hard for a few weeks to participate in this contest but he wasn't too lucky this time. He didn't catch a good wave to do a couple of good maneuvers and he didn't advance to the next round either.

By the way, i almost forget to tell you that we have a couple of sexy chicks on the beach today enjoying the contest. Here is Sally looking some sea shells by the sea shore.

Young Rex "La Bestia" Calderon was doing his thing pasing from the first round to the next one. Here he is with a small but sweet snap. At the end of the day he was the only junior who made it to the semifinals for tomorrow against 2 ticos and a surfer from Panama because Junior Martinez, Larry Davila and Darwin Jacamo didn't make it.

Luis "La Baloy" Chamorro was on fire today and was the only open who made it to the semifinals for tomorrow against 3 of the best surfers from Costa Rica. We also had Samir "El Peluchito" Duarte into the first heat with La Baloy but he didn't made it to the second round. Here is La Baloy with a powerful snap right in the pocket.

The day was getting hotter and hotter, so everybody was trying to get something cold. Check out this chick going big with the chocolate and banana bar. Bona pettit fransua!!!

About 11:00 am we had a break because the tide was too low so we decided to have something to eat. We had some rice, fried chicken, sald, french fries and fish consome.

We got back to the action into the body board heat with Rex and Darwin in the same heat against one tico and one guy from Panama. Check out Rex going big with a 360

At the end of the day we had a couple of good heats between the Ticos surfers and Panama. Here is Luis Vindas with a sweet floater on the lip. This guy surf pretty good and he

This is Gilbert Brown from CR with one of the best moves of the first day of this contest. He


The first day of the contest is over and we have a couple of surfers still alive to try to get a good standing in this contest. For tomorrow we have Rex Calderon to the junior