Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 17, 2016

What's up everybody!? Welcome back to the NSR surf report with Parker. We had an epic morning session so consider yourself warned if you're reading our report while you're at work.

The period dropped by the sized remained so we had to surf our homebreak! You be the judge today...

Meet Mr. Brown, one of the OG pioneers to southern Nicaragua. Throughout his stint here, he has fine tuned his barrel riding skills.

I don't know which he does better, the real estate in Rancho Santana or the real estate underneath his feet.

St. Patrick sent a little pot of Cordobas to him. Sick wave Mr. Brown!!

What about his colleague and NSR owner Pancho? Check out his bomba!!

He was experimenting with some new Firewire technology so he flew down the line quickly. Not too fast for his clase Pancho look back!

If you ask me Pancho, your board works well for turns! Or maybe that's Kevin's kale and surfing routine paying off.

Bam! And a cherry on top too. Good wave Pancho!!

The last wave of the set was a screaming right. The leftovers and direction produced a plethora of beauties for us regular footers!

The action didn't stopped because Lesther immediately gobbled up an insider. Even this chest high shoulder packed a punch.

Be like Lesther- always ride the wave out until you can no longer. The locals do a phenomenal job connecting sections.

Hey sponsors, I see some empty real estate on Lesther's board. Trust us, he is a worthy guy and a great dude in and out of the water.

And Vissla, a sick pair of new shorts would go a long way too!!

It's only March and our sandbars are getting groomed into shape. Keep your fingers crossed for an epic on season and keep thanking El Nino!!

Mikey, Alyssa, and friends are visiting from Austin, Texas. He's been a dedicated dawn patroller every morning.

That, and the 10 years of visiting here, are doing wonders for his barrel game. Yeah Mikey!!

The conditions throughout the weekend are supposed to stay similar to what we have today. Here's Pancho's weekend schedule: surf, surf, barbeque, surf a sunset session, and watch Star Wars 7 on his new TV.

That is, if I can get him out of the water and tubes. Perfect form and wave, Pancho!

Although, not every wave was perfect. Sometimes Mother Nature won and we took a beating...

With light winds, a great forecast, and sunny skies, people are spending more time enjoying the beach. If you're ready to spend a week relaxing or snagging tubes, reach out to [email protected] to plan your trip!

An unknown surfer locked into this gem. Hold on tight, duck down, and keep your weight on the rail!!

And then hit the corner to work up your appetite! Local Jamaica juice is the perfect post work beverage.

I shot tons of photos at today's early morning session. If you want the ladies to like your Instagram pictures, reach out to me at [email protected] to get your photos.

At this point, you can hear the crowds yelling "Dale Lesther!!!" If you look closely, you'll see a focused face grinning as he drops in.

He's one of the select few locals who can make the closeouts. Lesther, try a quad and see how much faster you go down the line!

Roberto is a local who has immensely improved his surfing throughout the offseason. You'll see him hanging with the big dogs soon!

Right now, the conditions are still promising and the wind is light. Slip out there for a lunch break!

Ok damas and caballeros, I hope you enjoyed today's action! If you have some free time, get out there!! Thank you all for checking the report and have a good upcoming weekend. Adios amigos!!