Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello and good weekend everybody. We have a special surf report today. The waves were fun and the wind strong like the days before, but we have a wedding celebration going on this beach. Check the full day of activities we have today.

We start the day with a great sun light and a hike to the famous cliff in this beach. Everybody have shoes and a lot of energy, so everybody gooo!!!!!.

The offshore wind was hard so we were really carefully. The cliff is really nice. If you came here, probably is good idea you walk there.

Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh!!! we are almost there and the group is super exciting of see the view. What you think there is in the top of the hill?

Well,,, This is why we come here. This beach is nice and is empty all the time. This is a romantic place if you know how get there. You know what I am talking about?.


Well, everybody was so exhausted and happy. We take almost a thousand photos. Some days this is a good spot to see whales. We don't see anyone this day but we probably have lucky other day.

I like this t shirt. This is all what I want to do this days.

Well, after come back of walking, we have a nap, lunch, drinks and we were checking and waiting for the high tide. Here is the fiance ready to go take a fast surf session.

There are some peaks working today. The waves not wear to big. There some pretty size waves, just for play.

Here is Eddie ready getting speed for a trick. He know this wave will keep rolling good, so what he gonna do?

Zuuuuuuuuaaaaacccchhhhhhhh!!!!, He made a nice cut in the end of this wave.

This right have some waves when a serie came. This is the biggest the waves get today.

And not there are waves with tubes, so the cuts were the best options. Like I say the waves were not amazing, were just for play.

There are one right rolling in the south of the beach. Here it is Carlitos caliente following this line.

And here is Eddie the fiance getting another good right. What a day? Surf and get married the same day. I want to do that when I get married. If I get married a day!!!!.

Well, my crew ( Roger Moraga, Amilkar Moraga, Agustin Peluchin and me ) we are expert in wedding party. We cooking, made the esenary, play the music, we made looks nice a place for get married. Check it out.

Ok. Eddie hurry up. Your wedding is in ten minutes. So surfer this Eddie. Well, who's don't want the last wave?

Wow!!!!. This is what we made. Looks like the way to the heaven.

Here is Eddie and his father and sons. This is a memorial day, buddy.

The beautiful Pamela was walking to the altar with her three children. Nicaragua is such so a perfect place to get married. The wedding on the beach I think are some of the best spot to do this important event.

Haaaaaa!!!!. This is love!!!!. Who say to get married is not one of the happiest things in the world?????. Now I want to get married. There are a pretty blonde and tall girl somewhere, to want to marry me????.

The ceremony was fantastic..... There are two different sands to make the sinvolic act. And a sunset in the back. Alot of people crying, but not me, I was strong.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!...

And they lived happily forever.... With his three sons.

Clase Pachanga!!!!! After dancing and smell that food, everybody were super happy. Was a super good feeling floating here. Was a long day, but we can not complain. Every day for us has something good happened around here. We were going to see what happens tomorrow.

Ok. Everybody!!!..... Who is the next????. Armando Lopez is out.