Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hello everybody!!!!. This is the sunday funday of surf from Nica Land. The waves are better today. The offshore wind calm down a little bit and the are more consistence. The wave probably will better and better when the tide is almost full, around sunset times.

All the surfer in the lineup were a kilometer far from the peak. They were just catching the last corner of the all wave.

Today I want to put a wave of one of our local surfer. He is ( Cabuya ), he surf this beach all the time but he never be in the surf report, so he fight with me. Well, today he get a nice wave and made four turns. He will be happy for this wave.

Here is the first one. He is lazy even for surf. So this is way the turn is not strong enough.

Baaaa Nngg nooo nooo.. sorryyyy,,, Vvvvu Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Here is the second turn. How you califique this one?.

This turn even don't have a sound....But is a joke. He killing this wave.

We can recognise his try. He ripping a feet high wave and he end this wave, slice his fins on the foam.

The lefts don't are to clean, but this man found the way to made some turns. This why every wave can be surferable.

The wave looks small from far away, but if I use the zoom of the camera, we can see there are waves almost overhead.

And here is the empty wave of today. Here is a surfer watching this wave rolling perfect.

This is how is the surf history of Nicaragua. The people who's born a forty years ago don't surf. But there is a new generation surfing and for sure will be another one in few year.

We want to say thanks to some good man who help to the community with a garbage barrel. To Lady Lynn, Gin from NY and Phil. Thanks guys for do something in a place where you spend a little part of you life.

Here there are some of the the place where we put. One is the church of the community. And Thanks to Jefry for help to carry the basket.

We put six in the most important places and houses. Here is the way we want to have this community. Help us to not throw garbage to the floor.

Here is the Cacique of this soze. This man is like a piece of metal. He have almost eighty years old and looks like a men of sixty.

Here is a little of the things we found in the way of our adventure. For baby pigs eating the lunch time. I am hungry too. But, I think, I will don't like this milk.

I like other kind of milk... Ya tu saves!!!!!!. I think I will stay to drinking with my buddy here. Armando lopez probably will pass out. And remember the excessive drinking is harmful to health.