Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi guys this is Juancito El Duende with the Nicaragua Surf Report. This morning we got up and we went to the beach (big surprise, right?), and the first thing that we saw it was this couple of crazy waves coming from two different directions.  There were only two guys on the hunt.

At this spot the waves were in the shoulder to head high range. Smaller than yesterday but still fun.  The water is still chilly (bring a top if you're com in down). In this shot this guy is going left on this fun peak, showing us some of his skills.

Check out how much fun this guy is having, enjoying his vacation in Nicaragua. I invite you to not think too much and come to visit.

On the last action shot of the day we have this ripper trying to find the barrel. Lucha Libre is taking care of a big group of beginners today. Stay tuned for his report.

Later in the afternoon The NSR Surf School took great crew out to do some surf lesson and we all had a great time.  Welcome down folks!!!

Boys and girls were loving it.  Check out one of the many girls we had today with solid drop on this nice sized wave!

The boys were doing their thing down the beach.  Solid ride all the way in to the beach!

The girls loved this place we went to, and they made sure to have photos of every piece of the beach.  Hola musasas!!!

A couple of locals made it out to the beach and they were ripping it up.  Check out this one pickin' up a nice set.  Way to go buddy!

We are all busy right now so we have to leave you guys with this killer shot.  Did I say everyone busy?  Please check back tomorrow!