Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hola amigos and welcome back to the NSR report with Parker! The swell stayed the same as yesterday: fun sized with empty lineups. Check out the mid morning action!

Lesther said he appreciated the barrel yesteday so he would focus on his airs for the reports!! Let's see what tricks he has up his spring suit.

No, his feet are not strapped in. The offshores helped secure the board though.

Almost brother!! The locals are having a mini competition amongst themselves to see who can land the sickest airs!

Zac went out for a morning session before work. I don't know if it's a pro or a con (or maybe both) to have an oceanfront view at work. You can always watch the waves but then you have to work while watching it turn on!!

Bam!! Zac, you need to hit your rugby opponents like you smash that lip!

On the other hand, Jack was cruising down the line. I hope I can surf like him when I retire!

While some were surfing, others were having a family morning. The youngster was ready to go charge Horseshoes!!!

Unfortunately, it's time for Noah and Jess to head back to Charleston. It was their first time here and they enjoyed a couple weeks of fun surf (they even canceled their portion of Panama to stay here!). Safe travels home and we'll see y'all soon!!

Once the tide filled in, the sand bars were sending rights after rights. This is one of many gems from this morning.

The waves were in the stomach to chest high region. Perfect size to cruise on a longboard or still rip the walls on a shortboard.

Easy does it! Come snag a longboard from the NSR shop to enjoy the lower tides too.

Check out this peak!! It's a shocker Lesther took the right...

He had his gallo pinto this morning and smashed the wall. Because tonight is cheap burgers at Don Eloy's, let's put a Big Eloys in him and see how much harder he surfs in the morning!!

Everybody, remember tonight is the first comedy show at Santana with FIMRC! Grab a Campo Pale Ale and a delicious Santana Burger to enjoy the show.

Lesther says it's 12 o'clock and almost lunch time. He nails the basics so well on his backside.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, time to refuel and do a lunch break surf check. The winds are moderate, the sun is out, and there is a minor pulse filling in soon. Enjoy the afternoon and thanks for checking out the report! Nos vemos!!