Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 03, 2013

This is Lucha Libre Garcia reporting from down south.  The swell dropped down today but there were still some fun waves rolling in.  Chest to shoulder high waves on the biggger sets, quite strong offshore winds and cold water.  Check it out!

There were also some sick waves rolling in at Machete Pt.  Check out this left rolling in with no takers!

We had some nice little nuggets and this guy was in the right spot to catch some of the better ones.  Here he is caught working on this right hander.

How about this other dude, smaking this little closed out section on his forntside?  Way to go buddy!

Felipe El Pipe Chompipe was ripping all over the place, as walways.  Check him out going big with a sick aerial!

It was a great day  to spend it on the beach and all the young guns were having a bast.  Playing some soccer?

There were a few international guys taking lots of fun ones in the inside section.  Check out this guy with a cool slashy!

Alright boys, that's all for today.  Danna, my beautiful niña posting for the camera.