Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the mid week surf report with NSR! This is Parker uploading today's action. Check out the glassy beauties!!

Last night, Lesther and I talked about where we would take my truck to surf. We woke up early today and both decided to stay here.

There's no place like home! For Lesther, that's behind the curtain.

Yeah primooo!!! He always finds a nugget even when it's only chest high...

While Lesther gobbled up and shredded every right, Tommy Tsunami patiently waited for the sets. Check out his poised drop and spread arm style!!

There's a reason he is the CMO (Chief Musical Officer) on the EMHEC. Tom is always happy, making small talk, and including others. However, watch out for him hitting hole in ones in today's Scramble!!

Speaking of the EMHEC, Roger found a nice right. Unfortunately, he recently broke his beautiful Jimi Hendrix Fireball so he's getting use to his new sled.

Check out this meaty one!! Thanks to the recent swell and some rip tides, the sandbars are in awesome shape. Keep sending us waves and grooming the sandbars King Neptune!!

To remind everybody, the FIMRC is hosting their first fundraiser tomorrow night! Remember tomorrow is at Rancho Santana and the day after tomorrow is at Mag Rock. We highly recommend eating some tasty food, laughing your face off, and supporting worthy causes!! Reach out to Delaney or Jessica for more info.

On the northern section of this spot, Lenny was practicing his cut backs. When you have a rolling face for 100 yards, you will perfect your tricks!

And once the wave ends, looking for that incoming left section. Yeah hermano!!

The rights were peeling off the bar!! It's hard to rest from the last swell and before the next in a few days when you have these waves in between...

I could barely get out of the water to take photos because it was so fun. Check out the line on Lesther's wave.

Oscar, Carlos, where were you guys today!?! Y'all missed out amigos!! It's ok though, Lesther was happy to enjoy all the waves for himself!

Alright damas and caballeros, the waves are fun, the tide is dropping, the skies are clear, and the winds are calm. Thank you all for checking out the report and close your browser to go catch a few! Hasta en la manana amigos!