Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Hello and welcome fellow surfers and ocean lovers back to the daily Nicaragua Surf Report from here at Hacienda Iguana. A place where the weather is always warm and the sun is always shining. I just flew back from the states yesterday so if you have any questions about the travel process go ahead and shoot me a DM message through IG @surfnsr or an email to [email protected] and I'll fill you in on all the details.

I got in late last night and slept in a little late this morning so I may have missed the dawn patrol crew and by the time I got out there (10am) the tide was real low and there was nobody out but some beach walkers.

There were some low tide peelers breaking in about a foot of water, would be perfect for some body whomping.

Taking a walk down the beach toward the Beach Club you'll run into the temporary moat that is the river meandering all the way North up around the beach club before releasing that fresh water to the sea.

Nobody surfing.. I know with this beautiful weather there must be some surfers out on the golf course.

Course is in great condition and ready for you to challenge yourself in between surf sessions and drinks at the beach club.

Nobody surfing.. I know how to fix that lol.. Okay ya'll thanks for checking out the report today. If we get some good action later today I'll add some more photos for your viewing pleasure. Either way I hope you have an amazing day and we'll catch up again soon.