Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 27, 2015

Hey guys the new SURFNICA Magazine is out.  Great job on this month's issue.  Come by the shop and pick up a free copy.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday NSR surf report.  Today was super fun with the waves running waist to head high with nice clear warm water and a showcase of surfing talent in the water.  Come on in and check it out!

Let's start the show off today with my friend Nacho.  You can see him here trying to get down and dirty with this little inside right hander.  A couple of the waves were open and there was some opportunity to find a barrel or two.

Senor Kevin Cortez from Gigante was in the house and pretty much winning the heat out here today.  Kevin has a great style and has most every move in the book on lock.  Nice little set up turn on this right.

This is another of Kevin making it look easy.  He did the full rotation on this one but just landed out the back of the wave.  Pretty Sick!!

As I said before Kevin was all over the place and stealing the show.  I had a good sequence of this small but sweet barrel but choose just the one that I liked the best.  Don't worry I did take photos of everyone else.

Here's a great photo of part of the local crew lead by none other than the infamous Armando(Codo)Lopez.  These guys are so stoked to grow up here and to be able to surf these waves everyday.  Do I sound a tad jealous?  Not at all folks.  Looking great fellas!

Tony Z was getting his share of nice set waves today.  Here he is setting up to take the top off of this poor righthander.  I played with the colors a bit but ended up opting for the classic black and white.  Hope you like it Tony.

Chocoyo also had some sweet little barrels this morning.  I love the positioning and the colors in this photo.  All of the local boys are surfing really well these days.  

Another one of the local ripppers with a sick hack.  This is Carlos and he is hands down one of the best tube riders you will ever see.  Come on down and see for yourself.  We are just an Email away from your dream vacation.

Guess who?  I had a hard time picking which photos to use for the report today.  I must have taken over a hundred of Kevin.  There was no way I could leave this one out.  Just a classic good old fashion lip bash.  SICK!!!!

Like I said, so many to choose from.  You have to admit this is a sick turn.  I'm telling you this place is about to start blowing up.  The next swell looks pretty good.  Check out your favorite forecast site and have a look for yourself.

Well guys it's about Tona time for us here in Nicaragua.  I hope you have enjoyed my photo taking skills and commentary this afternoon.  Please check back tomorrow because I have a pretty strong feeling that the waves are going to be super fun again.  This is D-Lite McMahon signing off. Have a great and safe weekend and we shall see you soon.