Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi there, El Codo Lopez grabbed the camera today and snapped a few cool shots.  Waves were running about chest to shoulder high on the bigger sets, winds were a little side shore and the water warmed up a little.  Check it out!!!

Eduardo is staying at the NSR Beach House right now and he is taking advantage of being right on the beach.  He paddles out everytime as he wants to.  Having a blast on his sponge!

A few locals got out and they were ripping as always.  Oscar El Sopay smacking this closed out section.

Watching Oscar ripping some waves, all the kids get excited and they are getting in the water, no matter what they ride.  Futures champions!

There were some nice little nuggets and this guy was all over them.  Way to go buddy!

This guy was ripping on the little nuggets, all over the place.  Sweet little floater amigo!

Free massage?  Or maybe now he needs a real massage.  Just remember that we have a girl that can help you out with all your pains!

Chocoyo on the last shot of the day smashing this section.  Please check back tomorrow.