Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 12, 2010

What’s up folks?  This is your favorite reporter bringing you all the action for the Friday surf report.  The waves finally picked up a little bit and were really fun.  It was running about chest to shoulder high on sets and the winds were nice offshore.  Check out the lineup!!!

Everybody in the water was so hungry to score some waves because the waves have been quite small lately.  Here we have Marc “El Holandes Paton” taking off on a nice looking left.

Did we say hungry?  Check out Manuel “La Bellota” Cascante doing his thing.  We know his girlfriend is pregnant (we want to say Congratulations) but this time he is going to get the big belly if he keeps eating like that.

All the locals were so stoked to ride some bigger waves today, and Marlon “El Shaggy” Aburto didn’t want to miss all the action.  Here he is working on his backside style on this nice sized right hander.

It is always nice to share a good reading on the beach with your girlfriend.  They went for some surf early in the day and after that they spent some time on the beach together.  That’s so sweet, don’t you think so?

A few longboarders made it out to the lineup and were crushing the waves.  Check out Jose “El Corage” with a sick vertical move in the background.  By the way, it is also a nice foreground, uh!

There are always some sweet wipe outs when we get some waves.  This is Felipe “El Pipe” Chompipe testing out his aerial skills.   Watch out for the rocks my friend!

On the last shot of the day we have Mariel bottom turning one of the better set waves of the day.  The swell is supposed to build throughout the next two days, so stay tuned with us.