Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 12, 2009

The NSR Photographers were out this afternoon taking photos of everybody in the water.  Click on this photo above to find out if you got shot in Nicaragua today!!!

Hi there, we are Lucha Libre and Come Pan Panic bringing you all the action for the Thursday surf report.  Today we headed out back to our favorite spot down south hoping to make it into a couple of good barrels.  It was head high on sets with offshore winds and the water was chilly.  The lineup was not busy at all, there were only about seven or eight guys out scoring tons of fun waves.  Check it out!!!

Today Jairo and Carlos Caliente went to the beach with our good friend Todd.  He wanted to learn how to surf so he decided to learn with the best surf school in town.  Here he is with a solid stand up on this right.

We had a few international surfers out there in the water taking many good waves.  This is Jhonny “El DJ Dientitos” bottom turning this nice looking left.

Here we have an unknown rider setting up to get into the green room.  The waves have been really fun lately and we are hoping to score many more the next days.

This is Robbin “El Aguacatito” from England hand dragging in this cool barrel.  This was the only guy in the water who said that the water was pretty warm.  Can you guys believe it?

Today we met this cute girl from Argentina.  She was taking picture all over the place and she also was posing all over the beach for Lucha Libre.  Her name is Marisa and she is a really cool girl.  We hope to meet more chicks like her.

Some of the local surfers were able to make it to the beach this afternoon and they paddled out to catch some waves.  This is our very good friend “El Chulin” Estrella taking off on a sweet one.

“La Baloy” Chamorro wanted to stay out of the water but he wanted to surf as well so he was flying and flying the whole sesh.  Here he is going big with one of the many aerials he tried today.

On the last shot of the day we have “El Tuzo” Morales with a killer vertical move.  The swell is supposed to be a little bit smaller tomorrow but it should be still pretty fun out there so be sure to check back with us.