Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 05, 2022

Hey ya'll welcome back to the daily surf report, not too much happening as far as surf goes for today here but have you seen the WSL Pipeline Pro the finals are happening as I'm writing this and it is firing!

The few surfers out today were shredding the waves hard and stoked for sure!

Nice sunny day started to get a bit cloudy and looking like maybe we will get a bit of rain during this dry part of the season.

Guido finding his way into the lineup after putting in some work at the new shop!

Wrapping that thing around hard with all the torque

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and if you haven't been watching that pipeline pro make sure to go check some highlights on the WSL page or youtube

As it started to get a little bit sprinkle-y out there with this out of season rain but this guy wanted to add a splash of his own haha

Big Scott with the big floater over the green face

Okay ya'll I gotta get off the beach before I get soaked! Glad you came through to check us out and score some mind surf for the day. Adios amigos I'll see ya back this way manana