Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi folks, we are Lucha Libre and Come Pan bringing you all the action from out here at Playa Maderas.  Today we headed out to the beach hoping to score some fun waves and we did.  It was running about chest to shoulder high on sets with offshore winds all day long.  The beach was pretty busy with many friendly people from all over the world but the lineup was very mellow because we didn’t have many surfers out there.  Check it out!!!

Here we have an unknown rider from China taking a nice looking right.  This wave looks way over head but that is because this guy is very short so it makes it look bigger than it was.

The waves were not very big but we had some great form waves coming through.  Here we have this pale rider from California riding one of the better lefts of the day.  He couldn’t believe it until he saw the pictures we got of him on this wave.

A few locals made it out to the beach and were trying to do some stuff on these beautiful waves.  Here is an interesting shot of “El Coki” Brox going big with a front side air.

The little kids were enjoying the good life down here in Nicaragua, playing on the beach and getting a little bit of sun.  What a beautiful day to do a beach day in one of our many amazing beaches.

“La Baloy” Chamorro was testing out his new 5.8’ brand new board and was ripping all over the place.  Check him out with a sweet vertical move hitting the pocket of this left.

Here we have another unknown rider taking a small but sweet right all the way in to the beach.  He was killing it on the fish.

This is little Kyle from Canada, he wanted to surf but his mother didn’t get him a board on time, so they decided to bring down that thing that they use to do snowboarding back in Canada.  He was having so much fun out there and his mother call this board the new “Snowsurfingboard”.

On the last shot we have “Calibilly” Zapata with a sick maneuver on this left.  The waves should be fun tomorrow as well, running about the same size than today so please make sure to check back with us.  We want to leave you guys with the tide chart for tomorrow.

First Light: 5:45am - Sunrise: 6:06am
Sunset: 5:46pm - Last Light 6:07pm
Tides: High 2:37am 2.1m
            Low 9:03am 0.2m
            High 3:14pm 2m
            Low 9:21pm 0.3m


Lucha Libre and CP out!!!