Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, January 19, 2009

Hi and welcome to the Monday surf report.  Awwww Yeaaaahhhhh!  After several small days in a row, we finally had a push in the swell and there were some fun waves to be had today. It was running about waist to chest high on sets with offshore winds and the water was chilly and clear. Check out what we got for you guys today!

The lineup wasn’t busy today, there were only about seven guys out trying to get some surf action and expecting to got shot and make it on NSR. Today Ashley “La Almejita Come Pan” Sartin was looking "styly" and was able to catch a couple of fun ones.

A few locals made it out to the beach with us and were so stocked to have some waves to be caught.  Young Rex doesn't care how small it is because he's getting younger all the time.  He's also started naming his own maneuvers, hoping to get famous.  Check him out with a sick maneuver he calls the "Cherrio Snap".

After attending a 1 week intensive training session at the NSR Surf School, this little kid has been surfing for only two months.  It looks like he's a natural - catching tons of waves and taking rides all the way to the beach. 

Everybody out there was taking advantage of the really good surfing conditions we had. Here we have a shot of this unknown PALE rider on a nice and clean right.  It was BUTTER I tell you!

AIR!  AIR!  AIR!  “Carita de Venado” Davila was ripping all over the place this morning. He’s so happy with his new board sponsored by Tom “El Viejo Pelon” Eberly. It is so nice to see that somebody is helping the local kids out.

Hey there girl, didn't I tell you "I TAKE THE PICTURES AROUND HERE!" 

Sometimes when you are on the beach there are some people that try to get some photography skills from you. Today was one of those days because meanwhile Come Pan was shooting on the beach this beautiful chick wanted to have a private photography session with him. Anyway, Come Pan was able to help her out and she looks like a professional now. Check out how she holds the camera just to give you and idea (for the kids out there: one hand on the body and the other on the lens ensures less blurry shots).

Whoa!  Where did that set wave come from?  It looks like we have a building swell today and some fun waves over the next several days.  It's a great time to surf in Nicaragua! 

This is Lucha Manduca signing off for today.