Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey everyone thanks for checking out the Sunday surf report with Jairo “Come Pan”!!! Today at NSR we had a full day of surf lessons, which was perfect because the waves were running about knee to chest high on sets with offshore wind, making the conditions wonderful for teaching and learning.  This shot is a little deceiving on size - today was a definitely a longboard day.  Check it out.

While it's technically the off-season for serious surfers, we can still take advantage of the beautiful conditions for surf lessons.  We are so happy to introduce our first group of beginners who were so eager for us to teach them our way in the waves!!!  Starting from left to right we have Daniel, Darren, and Jen and of course Carl “Mr.Caliente” in the middle. They were so stoked to be out in the water and they had a blast.

First up is Jen, and as we can all see by the look on her face she is super happy to be out in the water and learning how to surf!!!  She did really well, standing up quickly and taking in all she could, great job Jen.

Next up in the new line of surfers, is Darren.  He was out there trying hard and did a great job as well!!!  This is just one of the many waves that he was able to catch today.

Now we have Daniel, doing an excellent job as well. He got it down fast and was really riding the waves well. Check out these perfect little waves we had coming in today!  On this wave he has good form and is really concentrating to make this ride all the way to the beach.

Later on in the day we had another set of lessons at Madera’s because the waves were small and there weren’t many people in the water. We got this good shot of Tonya, showing the girls that you can be girly by sporting the pink rashy and learning to be a surfer.  The two go hand in hand really well!!!

For the last shot of the day, Come Pan got a sick shot of the bay in San Juan Del Sur, the idyllic conditions that we have this time of year and one of the many cruise ships that was docked in the bay.   We are looking forward to a new swell this week and will be headed out with a couple of local kids to find some good waves and take some killer photos!

Thanks for checking out the Sunday surf report with us and please check back tomorrow. Come Pan out!