Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hi friends, this is Jairo "Come Pan" Garcia with the surf report for today. I headed out to another surf spot around town. It's chest to shoulder high on sets and the wind is offshore, (we are lucky to have good waves like this right now, because normally we've got really small waves and cold water in January). Check it out.

This is Carlos Caliente commanding the line up today. Here he is setting up for the shack. nice buddy!!!

This is our friend from California,His name is Elliott. This guy was so much fun out there. Here he is on a nice left.

How about Oscar "El Freaky" Danglas was paddling out today. Here he is riding a good looking right.

Here is Renato "El Calvo" was charging out there and was scoring good waves. Here he is with a nice perspective.

This is Carlos Caliente with the last shot of the day. Here he is with a nice maneuver. Please check back tomorrow.