Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thanks for joining us for the Saturday surf report.  This is Lucha Libre Garcia reporting from out here at Playa Maderas.  Today we drove up to the beach hoping to score some waves but unfortunately it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting to find.  It was knee high on sets with offshore winds and the water was chilly.  Check it out.

The lineup was completely uncrowded this morning.  There were only two guys out trying to do the best to ride some waves but it was really inconsistent and soft.  Here is “El Asno” taking one of the better lefts of the day.

We didn’t have many waves to be had but there is always something to do down here in Nicaragua.  It is an amazing day to go out fishing or diving.  It looks like we have some fish out there.  Don’t you believe me?  Check out all those birds in the background.

Today we want to introduce our really good friend Larry “Carita de Venado” Davila.  This kid is only eighteen years old and he has been surfing for almost five years.  He likes to eat Gallopinto and drink Hi-c.  His favorite surf spot is Playa Hermosa, he loves to do good turns with 360’s.  He just finished the high school and he’s expecting to go to the university this year and become one of the most successful surfers in Nicaragua.

This guy on this shot was the only beginner that was in the water today.  He is so happy to have these kinds of conditions right now because he can learn how to surf.  Here he is trying to take this right.

We hope to have better waves tomorrow so please check back with us.  Now it is time to go out fishing and get some fish for dinner!!!