Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hi folks, we are Jairo And Roberto with another surf report from up north. The swell dropped down a bit but there are still some good sets coming in. It's overhead on sets and the wind is offshore, check it out.

This is Yader "El Bodeguito" from Limon 2 with the bottom turn on a sick right. Who said we don't have good rights in Nicaragua?

Carlos Caliente is getting famous down here in Nicaragua and is starting to invitate some friends to his show. Check him out in the background working on his backdoor style.

"La Gaviota" Chamorro is always so proud to represent the people who support his surf. He was shredding all over the place, here he is smacking it.

"El Codo" Lopez was killing it out there today. Here he showing us his Shame Dorian style.

This is Melkis "El Buitre" Sanchez on a sick wave with a sweet shot. We really scored on our first trip of the year on January. Did you heard that "January"?

Here is Aymeric from France getting a cool barrel. This guy is so stoked with the photos we took of him.

And his brother was charging out there too. He's name is Pierre from France, here he is seconds away to get shack.

Even the best one falls, he had some good shots from today but we want to share this one with you. Here is Rexito going over the falls, nice one buddy!!!

He did a great job with the water camera, so now is time for him to get some barrels. Here he goes doing his thing.

Jairo Come Pan Panic Garcia was so tired and hungry after 3 hours out there in the water so he came over to the beach to feed himself. Hey buddy, i'm hungry too, please give me a little bit.

Here comes the boss "Pancho Sanchez" taking a sick left. Yeahh buddy, we hope you can make it out next time we have a good swell.

How about Tony "El Juez" Longobuco riding one of the biggest set wave of the day. He told me these words after he left the beach, hey buddy it's so much fun out there but i have an appoinment. What a pity my friend, will be next time.

After a long day working hard, there is nothing much better tham take a natural massage at the hotspring.

Later on, after a sick first session we keep moving looking for other spot. Here is Junior "La Juliana" Martinez taking advantage of the good conditions with a sick shot.

Mario "El Danino" Martinez wanted to made it on again but he broke his board on the first wave he caugth. Here he is coming in to the beach with his broken board. Sorry for you buddy!!!

Alright guys, that's all for today. We are going to be back in town tomorrow reporting from Maderas, god willing!!!