Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello and welcome to the tuesday report. We was checking some beach break during the high tide. I found this beach with some peaks working more or less. Check it out.

A friend and me were waiting the sets and this is one of the first waves working good. That was the advertise to wax the board.

Only a couple locals were practicing surf. The regular surfer don't believe there are any wave working.

The south peak was empty and there are one wave in the set with good shape. Of three waves come to the beach only one was working surfable.

There are good waves but not good surfers. Check this kid in his surf skill.

This is the biggest waves in the set. Were fun, but this kid was falling headfirst.

Some waves in the set were impressing us with the shape and the distance break. My friend was ready for paddle out.

Do you want to know how is my friends? She is the ( Queen of the South ). OG.

She is Rosa Mora,,Rock Star and one of the best surfer girl of Nicaragua. She was ready to paddle out.

She start pull into some closing out waves. She only want to see the tube. Today is a day for be fun in the water, was a hot day so is time to refresh.

Yeahhh!!! Rosa.. She was dropping the waves super late. We thought she will be in the air all the time, but she was making.

Hey buddy!!!. How cool is have a Ranch?. And how good is have a luxury house in front the beach?. Check it out this place. Have both things in the same place.

Ok. Amigos. Thanks for check the surf report. The forecast is changing so much. So the best thing to do is check our daily surf report and we hope the first big swell come. Armando Lopez is out.