Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, January 11, 2016

Hola primos!!!. This is the surf report of January eleven. Hooo!!!! wellll!!. The waves are small for the normal rated, but some right were rolling fine versus the wind. Check how look the waves in the high tide.

The waves were only a feet high breaking close to the beach. The sets are coming every ten minutes in groups of three waves, so the ocean look calm.

Here is the best surfer in the water. Is our grown Michael. He is a super cool kid and he is surfing every day and is progressing so fast.

And here is one of our visitors. The beach is almost empty today.

When not there are waves here, we try to work in all the things we need to done in the work or relax. For the visitors, I want to show you what you can do.

We have the only green Golf course in all Nicaragua in the dry season or our summer time. Check some of the best hole. This is the # 1.

Here it is the # 4. I am super bad player, but I always play from the professional. Uuuu Uuuuuu.

If you rent the golf car. There are some cool zone to drive really quick and fun. Don't ask if you can, but if you found, just do it.

And here is my favorite hole, is the #5. You have a ocean view and is a little high in the hill and here is where I lose all my golf balls.

This is how looks the main break of this beach. This is one of the best waves break today.

This is how looks the forest right now. Probably from here to the next two month all the mountain will be brown.

And this is how cool looks the Surf Shop with all the new product of NSR brand, Billabong, Reef, Vissla and Da Kine. Come and check it out. Armando Lopez is out.