Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's up party people?  Lucha Libre Garcia is here with your Sunday surf report.  We had a nice push in the ocean today, waves were running about shoulder high on the bigger sets, winds were nice offshore and the water was nice.  Check it out!!!

A bunch of locals were out destroyin' every single waves that came in.  Here is caught Felipe El Pipe Chompipe with a cool backside aerial.

We want to welcome back our very good friend Come Pan Panic.  He still loves to get in the water and you can see why.  He's a great water photog and it's been proof several times.  You can share a couple anytime if you want fella!

I guess a lot of people wasn't expecting this push in the swell so there were a few guys on the big pangas, shredding up.  Mario with a solid hit!

Dunia was also ripping out there, but she was on the shortboard.  Yeahhhh chica!!!

Did I mention that we had some big boys on the big boards???  So, there were quite a few, killing it!!!

International surfers were also shredding all over the place.  Deep in the flats with a sweet bottom turn!

Rex La Bestia Calderon was doing his thing as always.  Check him out with the sequence of the day.

Shot 2, styling off!!!

Just holding it on the lip, trying to make it to the face.


There were a few guys on the SUPs getting some killer rides as well.  Way to go silver fox!

El Mope Miranda was part of the action as well.  Check out his backside ladies!!!

That's all for today amigos, please check back tomorrow!!!