Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, January 11, 2010

Hi folks, welcome to another windy and small surf report.  Today we went to the beach in the morning hoping to take advantage on the tide conditions, but we didn’t expect to have the strongest winds so far we ever had this year.  It was HOOOLING all morning long making white caps all over the place.  Here we have this shot when we first got there.

There was nobody out when we arrived, so Bob “El Culebrotas” and “Mr Bujia” had all the spot to themselves.  Check out Bob riding one of the better waves of the day. 

Mr Bujia wanted to get wet on his last day in Nicaragua.  He was hoping to score some sick waves on his last day but he is not complaining because he already scored many good ones during the last 3 weeks he was down here.  Here he is watching how strong the winds were blowing.

It was so nice to see the dogs cleaning the beach.  Don’t you believe us?  Here we caught this shot to prove it!

We didn’t have to much surf to shoot today, so we look around and snapped a couple of sweet ones.  Does anybody want a smoothie?  Because we are ready to get one!

On days like this one a singer or guitar player can focus himself and make up a new song.  This is Franco from Mexico thinking about a new letter for his new song.  Nice looking shot, uh!

Later on, a few guys showed out to the beach and paddled out for a while.  Check out Lucas looking down the line on this right.

Literally, on a single day we would see this shot like a blurry one, but this one looks like that because we had sand and dust all over the place.  The wind is supposed to die a little bit tomorrow, so check us back out and see what we’ll have for you!