Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What’s up folks?  This is Lucha Libre Garcia throwing a couple pics in for our Tuesday surf report.  The waves were small but super fun this morning.  Lots of grooms showed out to the beach to have a wonderful surf session.  It was running about waist to chest high on the bigger sets, the wind was offshore and the water was a little bit chilly.  Check it out!!!

As we said before lot of kids were out enjoying the beautiful day and the perfect conditions we had for them.  This is Juancito “La Mosca” attacking this closed out section with nice style.

Goofy footers and regulars were out destroying every single wave they caught.  Here we have a nice looking shot of Gainer “El Tapita” Granados busing a cool air maneuver.

We do not even have to bother you saying that “La Bestia” Calderon was ripping it up.  Here he is with a solid backside off the top on this left.  He was testing out his brand new firewire board and he loved it.

Fernando “El Cascarita” Pizzi was also able to paddle out and picked up some nice ones.  Check him out racing down the line on one of the cleaner waves of the day.

The lineup was not busy at all, but there were a few international surfers out doing their thing.  Dj Bujia dropping into a nice left hander.

The last action shot for the locals belong to Oliver ‘El Monito” Solis with a sweet vertical move.  That old man still rips, uh!!!

A couple of ladies made it out and got their own waves as well.  Check this one out with a late take off on this nice looking wave.

Some of the international dudes took the big pangas out and they were killing it.  Here is caught this unknown buddy having a blast on this one.

If you ever need a lighter, find a piece of wood on fire on the beach is always an option.  That’s all for today folks, please check back tomorrow.